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Capture the Value of Change

Stellar Ventures is a closely held venture capital firm started in 1998. We focus on small to middle market, private and public companies in a variety of areas. We have particular expertise in very early stage companies in healthcare services, (pharmaceutical dispensing, MRI specialty products and medical devices) and industrial production and post-fabrication services.

At Stellar Ventures, we have created an environment and culture based on experience, agility and decisiveness. This culture allows our professionals to share the entrepreneurial passion of our clients and to apply our skills in a highly focused, responsive and resourceful environment.

Stellar Ventures not only reacts and responds to changes in the economy and financial markets, we embrace those changes and, in some ways, precipitate those changes in the interest of our partners and clients. Finally, we at Stellar Ventures believe we can only reach our pinnacle by helping our clients exceed their financial objectives.

Stellar Ventures, Inc.

271 Snelling Avenue North

Saint Paul, MN 55104

Phone: 612-805-6180


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